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The individual lessons will be instructed either in the class room or through internet.

The on-line lessons are for people who can not attend the class or too far to access the instructors. In order to proceed with on-line lessons you must have an internet-operational, video camera (webcam), microphone and Skype software (free download at www.skype.com ) We offer a free 1st on-line lesson just make sure you are comfortable with it.

We welcome students of all ages, ethic background and from any where of the global.

* Dan bau (one string zither) class. More about dan bau, click here
* Dan tranh (sixteen string zither) class. More about dan tranh, click here
* Percussion class: t’rung, k’longput, drum,…  
  More about percussion instruments, click here

To consult about the lessons arrangement and the fee, please contact Bic Hoang
Tel: 1 604 254 1602
Fax: 1 408 519 6665
Email khacchi@khacchi.com



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