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VietCa Music Centre is dedicated to the ultimate goal of spreading the history, culture, and art through playing the Vietnamese instruments such as the Dan bau, T’rung, K’long put, Koni and Dan Tranh. Our mission is to instruct the public about Vietnamese musical arts and share its beauty to the enrichment of the entire community.

By providing the public with the highest quality instruction on the instruments, we are committed instructing the public about the process of becoming a player in the deepest sense through offering private lessons, VietCa Music Club where we all can share music and experiences…,

VietCa Music Centre was found by Hoang, Bic Ngoc’s. As the Dan Bau teacher at the Hanoi Music & Arts College in Vietnam and as the Dan bau instructor in the University of British Columbia (UBC) in British Columbia, Canada, Bic always passions about teaching and sharing her knowledge to the others; but her life was so busy with the performances around the world so she couldn’t keep classes steady until now.  With help of the technology, Bic’s can set up the classes either on the site while she is at home or through the internet while Bic is on tour.

Bic wishes Vietca Music Centre will bring you knowledge and joy.


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