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* When you talk about traditional musical performances, the Vietnamese Khac Chi Ensemble was outstanding. They sing Vietnamese traditional songs along with the instruments, ... shared Vietnamese fishing songs and folk tales with an audience of over 7000 people. -
newspapertitle News Paper. Malaysia 2007

* It is always such a pleasure to meet wonderfully dedicated musicians who have no pretentious airs about them at all, and then they go on stage and completely bowl over the audience with their dexterity and performance. - by Yeoh Jun Lin, Artistic Director - Rainforest World Music Festival. Malaysia 2007

* "The Music was very infectious and the audience couldn’t help but snap their fingers and clap along. The group was a pleasure to work with" - Dana Gordon Schmoyer. Performing Arts Coordinator of Longwood Gardens. PA 2005

* "Making Old Music In a New World" - by Gary Cristall. Sing Out Magazin Vol.49 #2 2005

Minnesota, US* "Khac Chi, Kanadalaistuneen duon (ei musiikillisesti), epäilemättä autenttinen, valoisa, raikkaiden pentatonisten asteikkojen sävyttämä bambusta valmistettujen vietnamilaisten kansansoittimien musiikki toi Festivaaliareenalle iloisen tunnelman." - by Tuomas Airola. Kaustinen, Finland 2004

* " Tradicní hudba z Vietnamu rozhodne nepatrí mezi casté hosty zdejších ani svetovych festivalu. Vystoupení souboru Khac Chi Ensem-ble, ktery se skládá z virtuoza na jednostrunnou citeru dan bau Ho Khac Chi (54) a vynikající zpevacky Hoang Ngoc Bich, jez zaróven ovládá celou fadu vietnamskych bambusovych nástroju, je tak jednou z mála prílezitostí, kdy se s touto hudbou muzeme potkat." - by J. Moravcík. Kultura, Prague, Cezch 2004

* "En fin d'après-midi, le Khac Chi Ensemble a éclipsé le soleil qui brillait pourtant de tous ses feux. Ho Khac Chi et Hoang Ngoc Bich célébraient le 10e anniversaire de leur premier passage au Festival et de leur immigration subséquente au pays." by Eric Moreault. Le Venderdi 2002

* “You did not only bring us music, but also your culture, warmth and humanity”
Patrick - Artistic director of SFINKS Festival. Boechout, Belgium 2001

* “…and then Ngoc Bich pulls out her ko ni . This instrument would have made Jimi Hendrix throw away his wah-wah and Peter Frampton trash his voice box”
Bill Wolford - WOMAD USA 2000

“Chi and Bic play over dozen different Vietnamese instruments. They are as musically eclectic as they are versatile, with a repertoire ranging from classical to the new Vietnamese compositions to the World music. But their music remains the folk songs and melodies of Vietnam and its 54 distinct ethno-cultural groups” - by Tony Montague. Folk Root Magazin – London, UK

Ontario, Canada* “It was a true testament to the universality of music and its power to heal and bring people together. Truly moving”. by Mac McDonald - The Monterey County Herald. USA (The Monterey World Music festival in CA was two days after 9/11 in New York. Many International artists could not enter the US, but Khac Chi Music’s members were there as it was in the middle of their tour. While Chi played “Amazing Grace”, thousand audiences sang along.)

* “…The show was full of crowd pleasing moments. It is a great concert; they are showing more emotion and getting the crowd involved”
Ke Alaka'I, Hawaii. USA

* “Khac Chi Ensemble's 4000 - years-old folk formula: A largely unknown treasure… some of the rarest and most fantastic instruments in the world. One listen and its understandable why people are flocking to the music” - by Matt Galloway, Now Magazine, Toronto. Canada.

* “A true adventure in sounds - an absolute treat”
Bruce Brenton - The Journal, St. Jonh's, Newfoundland, Canada.

Khac Chi Music with Young Audience

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Cincinati play house* "KANNAP0LIS — Since seventh-graders can't travel to Vietnam, Vietnam traveled to them. This week, more than 2,000 students in Cabarrus County will attend the musical performance Khac Chi - Sounds of Vietnam,…
As the performance ended and students headed back to class, "cool" seemed to be the word. "It sounded cool," said Josh Chew. "They are cool." "Their culture is obviously very different from ours," said Ryan Rutherford, "but still cool." - By Charity Cline Mangan – Independent Tribune 2005

* "Gentle, gracious artists...Intriguing display of instruments...Very professional, great personality...Kids loved the “squeeze” flutes...Supper rapport with students...A secondary music class would love the instruments...A fest for both eyes and ears...Great way of communicating with audience...Asian music made totally accessible...Very entertaining and educational...Great performance.…A great value for money…. “
Showcase Evalluation. ArtStart in Schools. Vancouver, BC. Canada 2005

Cincinnati Play House* Students clapped in rhythm and roared in laughter during Friday's performance. Several children got to come onstage and play various instruments. Josh Saliers, a fourth-grader, said he really enjoyed the music. During the performance, he got to play the bang bu, pipes of bamboo that are stamped on the ground to produce a percussive sound. "I liked it when we played the sticks," Josh said. – by Josh Yoder. Hickory Daily Record 2004

* "It was creative, fun, interactive & gave us memorable exposure to another culture. It's always a good sign when a group of kids surround the artists with questions after a show." - by Sheila McCue, Teacher at Langley Middle School. Whidbey Island, Washington 2002

* "It was wonderful to have your fabulous show at the Festival and we’re thrilled at the audience’s response to it." - by Lasissa Banting . Northern Alberta International Children’s Festival 1999

* "Thank you Khac Chi… We wrote this poem for you" -
by Students at Depew Middle School. Cheektowaga, New York 1999

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