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chiHo, Chi Khac (pronounced: Ho, Chee Kac)
is the world's premiere virtuoso on the Dan Bau (one string zither) as well as a composer and a music researcher. Chi's innovative developments on the dan bau have been heard in concerts throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Chi attended the National School of Music, studying Dan Bau and traditional music theory with many of Vietnam's top performers and instructors. His education included the music of China, Korea, Indian and Europe, as well as a number of years of field studies in rural Vietnam. In 1977, the Department of Culture chose Chi as one of four people to train for five years as advanced instructors in theory, composition, conducting, and performance. During this training, they were sent to Tashkent in Uzbekistan to study conducting and traditional music instruction.

Upon completing this training, Chi became one of the first masters' instructors in the new Department of Traditional Music at Hanoi National Conservatorychi_kid(formerly the National Music School). Chi became the Assistant Head of the Department in 1987 and took on the duties as conductor of the Conservatory's acclaimed Traditional Music Orchestra.

Chi was presented with many awards in both composition and performance, including: First Prize in the 1982 Vietnam Competition of Professional Instrumentalists, the Golden Award at the1985 International Folk Festival of World Youth in Moscow, and First Prize in the government's annual Improvement of Traditional Instruments of Vietnam in 1988.

Came to Vancouver, Canada in 1992, Chi has teached Vietnamese instruments at the University of British Columbia, and continues to perform internationally with his ensemble.

Bic HoangHoang, Bic Ngoc (pronounced: wong, ngoc bic)
is an exceptional vocalist, arranger and multi-instrumentalist. She specializes on the dan bau and a number of very rare instruments from Vietnam’s rural and mountainous regions including the t’rung (bamboo xylophone), k’longput (percussion tubles), and ko ni. Bic has toured internationally both as a solo artist and with the Khac Chi Bamboo Music.

Bic began studying music at age 8, attending at the Hanoi College of the Arts for 5 years. Then she entered the Vietnam National Academy of Music in 1979. Bic was fortunate to study under a number of Vietnam’s top masters, teachers, performers and received numerous invitations to perform with many of Vietnam’s most prestigious musical ensembles. It was during this period that she began her career as a regular performer and arranger for National and international radio, television and on board.
She received bachelor of music and performing arts with honors in 1987 and was immediately invited returning to theHanoi College of the Arts as an instructor.

- First Prize for dan bau in Vietnam Competition of Professional Instrumentalists in 1988
- Golden Award at International Folk Festival of World Youth 13th in North Korea in 1989
- She also credited with being the first woman to perform on the Koni.

Since moving to Canada in 1992, Bic has teached Vietnamese music, instruments at the University of British Columbia. She has been expanding her musical repertoire by performing with a number of World Music and New Music artists, performing works by Canadian contemporary composers and continues to perform internationally with Khac Chi Bamboo Music ensemble.

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