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The Khac Chi Bamboo Music is unique in that they offer a program of music on the Vietnamese traditional instruments found only in Vietnam. The music they perform is not of the court tradition, but that of the peoples of Vietnam. Hence, the instrumentation, songs and stories are related to roots of some of the 50-minority group of peoples that populate the country.

Khac Chi Bamboo Music had been offering difference performances including Festivals, Public Concerts, Arts in Education for young audience and media.

live concertKhac Chi Bamboo Music in Concert
Khac Chi Bamboo Music has set out to bring their traditional music to western audience in ways those audiences can appreciate and enjoy it. For the Khac Chi Bamboo Music this has meant coming up with lively new arrangements of Vietnamese traditional, folk tunes and creative stage antics to capture their listeners.
The group honors their music by performing mostly on the instruments that are indigenous to Vietnam. Their innovative adaptations are frequently born out of the desire to play several instruments with fewer musicians than in a typical Vietnamese ensemble. Their concerts had been appeared in Communities, Universities, Colleges, Festivals…

“The show was full of crowd pleasing moments. The crowd responded enthusiastically and was excited to participate.” – Ke Alaka’I, Hawaii.

festivalKhac Chi Bamboo Music at Festivals
Khac Chi Bamboo Music’s combination of musical virtuosity and sheer entertainment value have earned them the opportunity to play all over Canada, the US, Europe and Asia. They have performed at major festivals such as "World of Music Arts and Dance Festival" (WOMAD) in UK and Seattle, US; "Rain Forest World Music Festival" in Malaysia, "IVes Jeux de la Francophonie" in Ottawa, Canada,..."A true adventure in sounds, an absolute treat!" The Journal, St. John, Nfld
“A largely unknown treasure… some of the rarest fantastic instruments in the world. One listen and its understandable why people are flocking to the music…” – Now Magazine, Toronto

with kidsKhac Chi Bamboo Music with Young Audience
Highly educational value while incorporating audience participation and lighthearted humor in to their show, Khac Chi Bamboo Music had been perform for Children Festivals; and also had has great success into Arts in Education programs through out North America. Their shows is for young audience from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

“Charming! Amusing! A very upbeat, professional show. Very gifted artists that made the music very accessible. I liked the way they explain their instruments as they go along and their humor. Beautiful cultural “dress”… A cultural experience,they have fun and treat the kids well.” – a teacher who attended at ArtStart in School’s showcase“

A rare and very gentle introduction to another culture. Wonderful! Fun! Gets better every time I see it! Good student involvement. Kids got dance and play all the instruments. The way they explain things made the audience appreciated them more. The length of explanations of instruments and songs were just right”. – teacher at ArtStart

with chamber orchestraKhac Chi Bamboo Music with Chamber Orchestras
Since living in Canada in 1992, Khac Chi Music’s members started working with Canadian composers as individual and as a group. They have been play with the National Symphony Orchestra of Latvia.

Khac Chi Bamboo Music offers a program to perform with Symphony Orchestras. The program is included new compositions of Vietnamese and Canadian composers or mix with Vietnamese traditional, folk and contemporary music.

workshopKhac Chi Music's workshops
Khac Chi Bamboo Music provides difference workshops to the audience from elementary schools to high schools, universities, colleges, festivals, communities and conferences.

- "Unique Instruments of Vietnam” - for G2 – up
- "Bamboo Dance” - for G2 – up
- "Sing the Songs” - for G2 – up
- "Vietnamese Music Improvisation” for every one who play
musical instruments
- " Vietnamese Folk Music" - for students in High school and up

teachingKhac Chi Bamboo Music's Teaching
Khac Chi Bamboo Music offer the lessons of the Vietnamese instruments such as the dan bau (one string zither), k'longput, K'ni, T'rung, flutes and the Vietnamese music. Both Chi Ho and Bic Hoang taught at UBC - University of British Columbia - as the instructors.

Before came to Canada in 1992, Chi Ho taught at HanoiNational Conservatory of music for 24 years(1968-1992) , and Bic Hoang taught at Hanoi college of Arts for 5 years (1987-1992).
Many of their students both in Vietnam and in North America became the solo artists, teachers and the leaders of music groups.

Khac Chi Bamboo Music's Inventions
Chi Ho received First Prize in the 1982 Vietnam Competition of Professional Instrumentalists on the Dan Bau. He invented Sao bop and also named it in English is “squeezing-bamboo flutes”. Chi Ho adapted Sao Ba Nguoi (flute for three people) instrument from the traditional flute for two players. He also put the pedals on the Bang-bu to play by feet.
See Instruments for more details

Khac Chi Bamboo Music with Media
Khac Chi Bamboo Music offer a full or a part of live recording performance for Radios and Televisions.

Khac Chi Bamboo Music, including over 40 pieces of Chi Ho's compositions and arrangements, had been performed and broadcasted at over 30 Radio and TV Stations in North America, Europe and Asia. tv


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