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Khac Chi Bamboo Music is an incredibly talented Vietnam’s premiere musicians that have won the hearts of audiences in 25 countries over the global.

Their rare talents and superb musicianship have won them numerous awards for excellence, as well as many invitations to play at major festivals such WOMAD Festivals in UK and USA, Kaustinen Folk Music Festival in Finland; SFINKS Festival in Belgium, Mela Festival in Norway, World-Ethnic Music Festival in Czech Republic; Festival d’ete, Montreal International Jazz Festival, International Vancouver Folk Music Festival in Canada, Rain-Forest World Music Festival in Malaysia, the concerts in Brunei, Pingtong folk festival in Taiwan, Jeonju Sori Festival in South Korea and many more …

Showcasing rare and unique musical instruments that made by bamboo, interspersed with peoples of Vietnam, interspersed with the haunting melodies of Dan Bau, a one-string zither from northern Vietnam, the Koni which has resonation chamber is a player's mouth, Khac Chi Bamboo Music takes you on an adventure in sound. Extremely versatile, their concerts may include a combination of styles or feature any one style of Vietnamese traditional music, Vietnamese folk music or contemporary music to world music. They are as equally comfortable performing solo chamber concerts, as they are on folk festival stages, or as guest soloists for symphony orchestras.

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